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Our request for a license or sponsorship relates only to tattoo-specific and piercing-specific tools and equipment used only for tattoo and piercing application and is not the result of any perceived health threat. Far from it: Tattoo does not pose a health threat more so than any other occupation according to the CDC.
Lay the exaggerated health defenses to rest.
The compelling most often voiced reason to oppose tattooing and piercing in homes and apartments is: cut rate prices threatening the livelihoods of those who pay the taxes and the costs associated with full partnership in society. It is asking for a level playing field. This is then bundled with the challenge of the appearance of many more tattooists and piercers competing for the same customers. A third commonly heard reason is to keep amateur work from masquerading as professional work, confusing buyers. Buyer beware may be good advice but not sufficient to protect us from "sales-targeted" techniques. Tattoo consumers need help to assure they will get what is advertised, so do tattooists who look to licensing, and Unimax who discourages any purchases at all on those marketplace sites that sell tattoo equipment.

Twenty years ago we started asking, rather insisting on recognition of our rights as citizens, to be part of the system. We won the battle but now are loosing the war to rule-making bodies not requesting input from those who will be affected by their rules.  We ask for a pledge from the rule-makers to provide outreach to the tattoo and piercing industries when legislation or proposed rule changes are introduced. This would include: organizations looking to participate, tattoo artists, shop owners, and suppliers. It would go a long way to foster real democracy in practice.  Anything less begins to look like tyranny, as if tattoo/piercing voices were irrelevant.
Respectfully submitted by Westley Wood

Restirctions pertain to those items that are intended to be purchased, to be used exclusively for the commercial application of tattooing or piercing, mostly thought of as needles, inks, machines, forceps and such. Anyone is free to purchase other items. This prohibition does not limit other reasonable requests for legitimate non-tattoo use such as academia. Records are kept of all such purchases.
You are free to use these original arguments and expositions provide properly
sourced to the origin: Unimax or Wes Wood.
Contents copyright.

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