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 First time credit card use, 
  we ship to the billing name and address of the card
 If you send copies of documents that prove it is your card,
then we can send the order to a different address.

This site is designed for business customers who operate businesses or services
and subject to customary business practices and restrictions.

The placement of an order is acceptance of these Terms and conditions.
Under penalty of perjury the act of ordering or purchasing affirms that:

Domestic Shipping schedules via UPS

UPS picks up and delivers packages Monday thru Friday.

Saturday, Sunday and Holiday delivery is an option at additional cost but must be specifically requested. Call to confirm if it is important.

There is no shipping on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays though you can get packages on those days at UPS Holiday Rates.

The day your order is shipped, and Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays are not counted when figuring transit time.  For example, if you order on Friday and the indicated delivery is NEXT BUSINESS DAY, that means MONDAY, not SATURDAY.
Monday thru Friday are regular business days.

Select transit time when viewing your cart or on your Secure Checkout Page.

Unimax is normally able to ship all orders the same day up to 4pm.  Special needs, urgent orders or “must have” by a specific day please call during regular business hours Monday thru Saturday. 9AM to 5PM

Shipping using UPS binds you to their published rules and regulations, their terms & conditions available on    www.ups.com

Special concerns during inclement weather conditions.

Freezing temperatures
can cause problems for liquids so please place your order so that it is not in transit in freezing conditions especially over a weekend or holiday. 

Also if snow, ice or extreme weather may cause poor road conditions allow an extra day or days.

How to figure transit time if there are weather related issues.
If, for example, you choose 2 day, (2nd day after the day of shipment) and cold temperatures are a concern, place your order no later than Wednesday for delivery Friday to avoid storage in a warehouse over the weekend.

With your cooperation we can get your order to you safely during cold weather.

Jewelry and Piercing Tool Prices

Wholesale jewelry prices, piercing tools and piercing supply prices are for businesses and professionals who buy in bulk, not one-zies and two-zies
and require a re-sale business certificate to be exempt from Sales Tax in state. 

Unimax does not collect sales tax on out-of-state purchases.

Retail walk-in retail customers for in-store pick-up are required to pay the in-store retail prices displayed for retail purchasers or pick-up. Prices on the web site are for businesses buying in bulk. Retail walk-in customers cannot pay wholesale prices for the same reason that restaurants don't charge supermarket food prices for a restaurant meal.

Purchases affirm that
1. All items purchased are for legal use, and will be used in a manner that is consistent with
normal practices in the industry ( Unimax reserves the right to refuse sales if in an unbiased  judgment the use is deemed inappropriate.)

2. As purchaser you declare under penalty of perjury that you are legally old enough to purchase and use the items in accordance with all applicable laws in your location.

--eedles and items that become contaminated require proof that those items will be used according to industry practices.  Proof might include: legal business paper, medically trained individuals, apprentices and sponsorships to name a few.

Though you do not necessarily need a license to purchase, no clubs to join, no associations, no unions, no secret societies and no dues, the products are designed for businesses and professionals.

3. Purchaser agrees not to return, charge back, or dispute without contacting us first for a resolution.

International Orders
mportant information to understand the relationship
between buyer and seller.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is accepted by governments and businesses around the world and serves as a GUIDE for international understandings of responsibilities of buyer and seller. We require the following interpretations to be the final arbiter.

The ICC defines the buyer's responsibility as follows:

The buyer is responsible at their own risk and expense to obtain any import
licenses required and fulfill all official requirements in the importing country
including customs formalities and fees.

It is not the responsibility of the seller (Unimax) to have that information nor determine the
interpretation of foreign laws and regulations.

In the event of non-delivery:
the buyer is responsible to assume the cost for
1) the original transportation charges
2) the return transportation charges, which are usually twice the cost of the
original transportation charges.
3) abandonment charges in lieu of return fees may be applied.

Sometimes it is 3 times the original cost of shipping depending on the penalties and fees imposed by your country's customs. 

Be sure you can accept your package.

Include your name and address and phone with country code (required).
Review the laws in your country that
may prevent you from
receiving or accepting the contents of your order.


Notice about international electric compatibilities.
Electronic equipment rated as 110-115 and 220-240v
will work on the voltages listed, but the final plug that fits
into your country's wall socket may not be compatible. You may
have to buy that end piece to fit your outlet.

Notice about Taxes, VAT and Import Duties.
It is your responsibility to check with your taxing authorities
to see what if any duties will be imposed on your goods
by your taxing authorities. It is not our responsibility and we cannot advise if charges
are applicable.

There are no international COD's.
Wire transfer payments in US Dollars directly to our bank.

You are liable for shipping charges both ways when
a shipment is returned to us after we ship it.
Some examples:
- Your "Customs" refuses to allow items into the country.
- You made an error in the address and you didn't get your package.
- The carrier (for example: postal) says the address is not complete enough to make delivery.
- You did not claim or pick up your package. Their word is considered final so track your shipment during transit. You will have the tracking information.
- The shipment is returned to us without any explanation.
- Some countries may refuse entry of artist supplies.
- Some countries charge huge import duties or hold your order for ransom.
If in doubt: CHECK - CHECK - CHECK

We will replace only up to the Value of Insurance for any package lost.
If a package is insured below replacement value because you want to save shipping costs, you will only get the amount of refund up to the insurance coverage.

including APO, AE or Post Office Box Address  

  • Warning: Shopping Cart can only show UPS Rates
  • You probably can save money using US Postal Service rather than UPS.
    UPS usually charges a "Brokers" fee in addition to shpiping.

  • We will e-mail you with US POSTAL Service rates within a few hours
    during normal business hours: Monday - Friday 9AM to 5:45PM
  • Don't worry, we WILL NOT ship your order until we receive your confirmation.
    Check your Spam box if we appear not to e-mail you or
    contact us
    with your Order No.
  • To use FedEx or another carrier you must have your own Account with Fed Ex.


You have rights and you have responsibilities.

1. We don't know what your country will charge. It is your responsibility to find out.

2. If you refuse to pay and the package is returned you don't get any refund
for the first $300.00 USD and only 50% of the remaining balance over $300.00 USD.

3. If you refuse to pay and the package is valued under $300.00 it will be abandoned
and you will be required to pay an abandonment fee, an additional $300.00 USD which means you may not get any refund whatsoever.

  • If you are UNSURE - don't order.



 Returns can be made up to 7 days after you receive an item
that is defective or incorrect.
You agree that you will examine your shipment within 7 days
and any claim will be made within that time.

We apologize for any defect in products and assure you we will do
our best to remedy all problems.

Defective items will be either replaced or repaired at no charge. No refunds.
For fast friendly service call 212-925-1051 - have your invoice number ready.

These items are Not Returnable for Credit:

Printed items, inks, needles, body jewelry,
medical supplies, videos, CDs, media

are sold as is and are not returnable for credit.

Items that have become
contaminated or may have become contaminated, such as
Sterilizers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Power Supplies, Tattoo Machines
must be disinfected prior to servicing and have no visible soiling.
Items returned with visible soiling or ink stain
will be charged a $ 50.00 disinfecting fee.

Returns must be in undamaged original packaging.
If original packing is damaged there may be a service fee of $ 15.00
or more depending on damage to, or missing parts of original package.
Call before sending anything.
Returns must be made in boxes or padded mailers
that offer protection for the items returned.
It is our responsibility
 to get your order to you safely.
If anything is to be returned,

it is your responsibility

to packaged it properly for a safe return.
If you have received items that were not ordered
you are required to notify Unimax and hold the items safely for a
pick-up arranged and paid for by Unimax.

Never return anything in a plain envelope. (For example, jewelry.)
If you send jewelry in an envelope and the mail smashes it or
tears it from the envelope no credit is issued.
Use a mailer package or box.

There is no extra compensation available greater than insurance
or replacement for items.



Order by the Quantity and then the Name of the item,
or by the Product # or just describe what you want.
If you can't find the item number just describe what it is. 
We are happy to help. Call us.

No one delivers more packages on time or faster than Unimax.

Orders are automatically sent: mature person "signature-required"
 UPS, FedExp, Priority Mail, and Express Mail

All Prices listed are net prices, no further discounts,
subject to change without notice and will be billed at current prices.
We are not responsible for typographical errors.



Business Practices
1) Similar items (such as 2 1-oz in place of 1 2-Oz if a size is out of stock)
     are sometimes substituted without notice unless you request "No substitutions."
        --- Normal procedure is to contact you so don't worry.
2) Current policy is to ship back-ordered items without any further shipping cost ground only.
3) Missing items from an order may be credited or cancelled rather than sent.
4) For bulk wholesale quantity items defective or mixed items must exceed 10%
before replacement or returns are allowed.
All items are sold as is as long as it is functionally the same. 
Unimax expressly disclaims any responsibility for incidental or subsequent damages
of any nature arising from the use of any products.
Items are to be used by professionals.
We are not liable for errors of a material nature nor liable for price guarantees.  
Offer of any goods or service is not a commitment on our part to provide such goods or services nor to honor any price or specification. Any goods, service, product, price, offer or performance of any nature may be withdrawn without notice at our discretion without penalty of any kind at any time. Again: any offer is not a commitment, unless a written commitment is provided. The release of goods into commerce is subject to Unimax approval regardless of the circumstances.
We are not liable for the warranty or guarantee provided by the manufacturer and the manufacturer sometimes needs to be contacted for claims against warranties. Unimax responsibility to perform warrantee varies so please check with us.
We are not liable for non-delivery, late-delivery, incorrect delivery, non-performance, error or omission for any transaction whether our fault or not and do not have any compensation available for non-performance.
It is your responsibility to allow for unseen or untoward events so that they can be remediated in a timely fashion. 

Shipping & Order Terms Mandatory Agreement

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